Ladies, You Do Not Have To Settle For A Man You Are Only Content With

As women we tend to seek out partners who we feel can meet our basic needs. Who can provide, respect and love us. We want a partner who we can be content with. Is being content enough though? Shouldn’t our ideal man have us feeling overjoyed? Being content to me means settling and not being fully satisfied. When we settle we deprive ourselves from we what we truly need. From what we truly want. We deprive ourselves from meeting our emotional and sometimes, even our physical needs.

When we settle for a partner who doesn’t make us smile and laugh as much as we know we can, it can lead us to feeling bored and maybe even depressed. Even angry. We may find ourselves lashing out and becoming the woman we told ourselves we wouldn’t. We should choose someone who excites us and goes out of their way to keep us smiling. Someone who we believe to be the funniest man in the world, even if only we believe it. Someone who who can please us in every way and who wants to please us in every way.

We also need to stop settling for a man who is unemotional just because we convince ourselves we can deal with it. It will not last. It will not last with anyone so you can stop only staying because you don’t him to be with anyone else. Men like that aren’t programmed for monogamy. They do not understand the importance of creating and maintaining a strong loving bond with another person. Do not waste your time trying to prove to yourself you can change him. You can’t. Only he can and sadly he probably won’t.



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