Don’t ever feel your expectations are too high if you’re currently not being met with what you need. We often settle because it’s what we’ve gotten used to. We got comfortable and decided we were satisfied. We decided although our lives weren’t at their best that we were fine—just fine.


That complacency doesn’t give room for us to peak our greatest potential. Breaking out of that comfort zone will be the reckoning force behind your choosing to not settle for mediocrity. Not just that either, but keeping gratitude as you make your way through your journey to extraordinary heights. Take appreciativeness with you wherever you go. Give plenty to yourself so that you are always aware of how far you’ve come and where you look to go. Be more than just fine.

#gratitudeattitude #dontsettle


Don’t always Take The easy way

Just because something can’t be done feasibly doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Challenges in life will always arise but our preparedness and readiness for those challenges can give us a greater advantage. We owe it to ourselves to go after what we want despite the fear of what we want being unachievable. The easy way is not always the best way but the crippling way. Try taking advantage of a little challenge and competition. Surprise yourself.

#ItWontAlwaysBeEasy #AcceptTheChallenge

happiness is homemade

How true is this? If home is where the heart is, shouldn’t that mean that the home is HAPPY? 🤔


Happiness might come easily in certain areas and not in others, but what isn’t there can be created—usually. If you find yourself unable to create or keep happiness in your home—is it really a home? YOUR home? Or are you just living there?


Know that you are meant to be happy wherever you are. Know that your happiness should lie within yourself and your purpose. Give yourself not only homemade happiness but also homemade happiness with meaning. With greater definition. Create what’s good for the heart because that’s where home is. ❤️🏡

#happinessishomemade #homeiswheretheheartis

Organisource — Collagen Peptides

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Be happy with what you have while working for what you want.

Working on this because I find myself comparing certain aspects of my life with what could be. I am learning how important it is to always have gratitude, but I am also knowledgeable of what I won’t settle for—at least in the long term sense. The work is being done on my end but I can go harder to attain/attract what I want—and what I NEED.

#DoWhatNeedsToBeDone #TakeWhatYouNEED