it’s NOT consent if you made me afraid to say NO

Learn what CONSENT means.

Learn what COERCION means.

Learn what ACCOUNTABILITY means.

Learn to STOP making excuses for abhorrent behaviors to occur/persist.

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🎆 Start your new year with a bang by putting yourself first. Work on loving YOU! What could be better than that? Wishing your transition into 2019 with health, wellness, guidance, resilience, prosperity, and love. May peace hold its place in your life. Love you. ❤️

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Your growth scares people who don’t want to change

Some have no intentions on changing. They are used to being and doing a certain way and are set in those ways so when they see others “shifting” they don’t know how to respond.


A common sense response would be to grow and evolve laterally to the changing individuals, but of course some just won’t. Their fear of rational yet revolutionary refinement will be their downfall and may cause them to lose who they mistakenly assumed would always be there. There’s a chance they may even lose themselves.


Remember your growth is for YOU and you owe it to no one to wait for them to “get right.” Let them wake up without you being the alarm. ⏰

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Eliminate what doesn’t help you evolve.

When in the process of your evolution, there’s this need to remove anything that will become a hindrance in your journey. Sometimes we refuse to see it and suffer in the end. It’s important to pay attention to those signs, those red flags, those warnings. Sometimes our feelings will obscure what is truly there. We see one thing but it’s actually something else there. Hiding its true form until it can’t anymore.


Eliminate the toxic. Forget your feelings about what or who it is and why remaining present can bring this or that. It’s STILL not worth it. If it doesn’t support you, if it doesn’t lead you, if it doesn’t better you, leave it. Another’s demons are not yours and can endanger you if you don’t get out.


Love yourself all the way through your process. Love yourself all the way to freedom. Love yourself all the way through your evolution.

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BE WHOLE. do the work. discover your pain. heal it. discover your brilliance. shine.

Your wholeness depends on your inclination to compartmentalize yourself to discover the broken parts while fixedly healing each broken part. To be whole is to be whole everywhere. The inner work is the hardest but worthwhile. Discovering your pain is the embarkment to discovering your brilliance and unleashing the inspiration that you will give to yourself, and of course, it WILL be seen by others.


Let your light SHINE. Be whole bright light, BE WHOLE. 🌟

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It’s better to be alone than in a companionship that brings you mental and emotional unrest. Any situation that unsettles your soul, isn’t healthy.

Determine what’s good enough for you and remove what isn’t. It’s a hard realization at times, but you have to know when to let go when a companionship isn’t feeding you. If all you do is give with no reception you will be left with nothing and that unfulfilling soul tie will leave you broken and scarred. The notion to repair broken humans is heavy in some while fleeting in others and the imbalance of this is harmful.


Repair yourself and not a broken partner and detach if your youth, happiness, respect and love of self is being stripped away. With that step alone comes blessings of many. The goal should always be to be healthy in all areas of life. Remove what makes you unhealthy. Be alone and be fortified instead of being paired and broken. 💝

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